Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Harvest Meal: Garden Pizza

We got home from our Maine vacation very late on Sunday night. On Monday I was reminded by our mostly empty refrigerator what I good job I'd done of using stuff up before we went away. In search of something good to eat, I turned to the garden and our chest freezer. The garden knows that summer is close to being over, but it's still producing well. And in the chest freezer, I found several pre-portioned balls of my homemade pizza dough. Garden pizzas were on the menu for Monday night's dinner.

Here's one sauced with a homemade sage pesto. The toppings include purple basil, arugula sylvetta, Peacevine cherry tomatoes, and garlic - all from our garden.

This one was a new experiment, based on our recent harvest of All Blue potatoes (not quite living up to their name) and some Sangres (white flesh, red skins). Even sliced so thinly on a pizza, the creamy texture of the Sangres was striking. The All Blues had a slightly fruity-floral taste to them. I tossed the sliced potatoes with garlic, olive oil, and thyme from the garden before putting them on the pizza. This one is actually a vegan pizza because I didn't put any cheese on it.

This one's a "white" pizza: no sauce, just cheese, tomatoes, basil and arugula thrown on after it came out of the oven.

Leftovers were delicious today at lunch. I always make a few extra pizzas when I fire the oven up that hot. It sure is nice to whip up a meal like this one with help from the garden and the freezer. It beats having to run to the store immediately after coming home from a longish trip.

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Jederah said...

What recipe do you use for your dough? Can you freeze it?

It's me said...

These look delicious!

One of our favorites (not all from our garden, sad to say) is port-caramelized purple onions, walnuts and arugula with a sprinkling of parmesan. YUMMY

Kate said...

Stephanie, I use a recipe from the cookbook The Bread Baker's Apprentice. It freezes just fine, as almost any pizza dough that I know of will do. I used to use the pizza dough sold by Trader Joe's. Now I make my own in large batches and wrap 6 oz. portions in plastic wrap for quick defrosting. I may get around to discussing the finer points of pizza making in an upcoming post.

MeadowLark, thanks. The caramelized onions sound MARVELOUS. I may have to try that sometime.


It's me said...

Can't wait for the freezable dough recipe. I'm always trying to get just the right dough. Husband is useless because he always says "Yeah... this one is delicious" and I ask "is it better or worse than the last, and if so, how" and he replies "I like them all".

Thanks for nothing.

And don't avoid the chopped walnuts. It sounds weird but it rocks. We have a local "certified Neopolitan pizza" joint that is adopting it. Oh yeah, sea salt sprinkled over everything. And bake the arugula. Really.

Anonymous said...

I ran into the same thing...I cleaned my fridge out SO well, I don't have much in the way of fresh food here. Oh well...I'll go grocery shopping in two days(I did send my hubby out for bananas and milk tonight, though!)

Kate said...

Kristen, I may have to go to the store soon for milk. I'm trying to delay another two days so that I can make one trip and hit the farmers' market too. But I may not make it that long...