Friday, January 2, 2009

January Frugal Action Item: CF Bulbs

I'm going be posting one hands-on, nothing fancy, anyone-can-do-this frugal suggestion each month of this year. If I'm on my game, these posts will appear at the beginning of each month. If not, well...we'll see. My goal is to offer money saving tips that will be suitable for either renters or homeowners, and to make them practical for as wide an audience as possible. Some Action Items will challenge you to try something new, some of them will have a seasonal flavor, and some of them will be once and done tasks. I will also sometime offer alternative action items on the chance that you may have already taken care of that month's task.

January's Frugal Action Item is to replace your standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. I'm suggesting this one right now for several reasons. First of all, I know a lot of you out there got gift cards (for Target, Home Depot, Kmart, grocery stores, hardware stores, etc.) for the holidays that you can use to pay for the CF bulbs. Second of all, we run our lights for more hours per day during the darkest months of the year. And finally, the sooner you replace your standard bulbs with CFs, the sooner you start saving money. So this Action Item can't wait!

If money is really, really tight for you, buy however many CF bulbs you can scrape up the money for, and put them in the lights you use most often. In addition, be aware that many, many local electricity providers offer coupons or rebates for the purchase of CF bulbs. It never hurts to do a google search for coupons either. As you begin to save money each month on your electrical bill, apply the savings to the purchase of more bulbs and replace more of the lights in your home, in order of heaviest use.

If you're a renter or a homeowner planning to sell anytime soonish, save the standard bulbs for any built-in light fixtures. Take your CF bulbs with you when you move, replacing them with the standard bulbs you saved.

Alternative Action Item: If you've already swapped out all of your standard bulbs for CFs, it's a good time of year to have a look at your hot water pipes, if you can get at them. This is especially important for homeowners who heat with hot water radiant systems, and doubly important for homes with copper water pipes. (PVC water pipes are less conductive, so they lose less heat over a long run.) Pipe insulation has come a long way, baby. If your pipes have old insulation tape on them, it's time for an upgrade. If they're completely naked, throw some synthetic rubber insulation over them. This cheap foam-like insulation is extremely well priced. It's super easy to install and all you need is a box cutter to trim the insulation to fit.

While I can understand that renters may not want to bear the expense of insulation, this is still worth considering. First talk to your landlord and see whether he or she will reimburse or split the cost of the insulation. If not, you may still want to eat the cost if you plan to stay in the rental for a while or if you live in a very cold climate. The synthetic rubber insulation is really very cheap, and the return on investment is likely to be pretty fast. And hey, if you're a lucky renter who doesn't pay for heat, you may want to pursue this anyway, as it's good for the environment. And if your landlord's expenses are kept in line, you may be less likely to see a rent increase.

Happy New Year, everyone! Let's fill 2009 with frugality, good food and home cooking, and warm camaraderie.

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future reference said...

Gift cards aside, what about the money being wasted by casting off still useful light bulbs? I advise replacing the old ones as they run out or reserving them for less used sockets.

Anonymous said...

Along with pipe insulation, check out a water heater blanket. They run $15-20 at the big home centers, and will save the average family $5-8 on their monthly gas or electric bill, depending on usage. What else will pay for itself in 3 months?

seejanemom said...

PLEASE UNDERSTAND, my motivations are NOT "Anti-Green". Quite the opposite. They are merely, "Pro-Choice"...

Two questions to mull:

1. If "money saving" is the ONLY goal, then how does one justify $1.00 for a lightbulb that costs a generously estimated $7.00 a year to use, in favor of a premium $7.00lightbulb thats costs a speciously estimated $1.00 a year to use?

That is merely a redistribution of profit from your (local job providing)electric company to (Chinese job and bulb producing)General Electric!!! Which, in case you hadn't noticed is MIGHTY COZY with those crooks on Capitol Hill who gladly OUTLAWED "choice" and will FORCE Americans to buy GE's patented technology as of 2012 or sit in the dark. NEVER MIND HOW THIS UP FRONT COST DISPROPORTIONATELY EFFECTS THE POOR, who are more able to amortize the expense of using a cheap bulb over a year, than shell out at Target for the Eco-chic "responsible" bulb all at once? Responsible? More on that in a tick...

So, like the ridiculous front end loaded premium of a "money saving" PRIUS (with its environmental nightmare batterieS (plural!), macht nichts on the money angle of CFC bulbs...

But wait... ENVIRONMENTALISM is the secondary goal for you too, you say? Then riddle me this....

2. Those CFC bulbs are loaded with Mercury. Even MORE than a long "T12" bulb used at your office building. BUT>>> HOW MANY HOMES USE THE EQUIVILENT OF TWENTY (20!) T12 BULBS EVERY DAY, ALL DAY, until twice as many per capita reach YOUR LOCAL landfill in half the time of the office bulbs (relative to hours of continuous use)? Thirteen steps to dispose of them? And how many folks THAT ARE EDUCATED ENOUGH to follow thirteen steps can even IMAGINE doing that?

So MORE MERCURY LEACHING INTO YOUR GROUNDWATER? Not so Eco-friendly when you cut through the Green media spin designed to make us all FEEEEEEEEEL good about buying over priced products to line the pockets of GE CEO, and NOW SUDDENLY OBAMA'S "Green" Advisor, Jeffrey Immelt--- Don't worry for him, his house in The Hamptons will never allow common trash to be dumped in HOS backyard. Hamptons trash gets taken FAR FAR away by barge to some dump closer to OUR neighborhoods where land is cheaper!

How is that good?

Stop FEEEEEELING, and THINK, folks.

Will GE be there to clean up YOUR well? With our Government going broke, who will fund the clean up YOUR local watershed? I predict SUPERFUND sites springing up like daisies in the next twenty years and cancer rates to explode.

Well, as of 2012, we will have no choice but to buy the POISONOUS TRASH WASHINGTON'S BUSINESS ELITE HAVE FORCED UPON US, making them rich, and poisoning our children. So PLEASE don't rush out and do it NOW!!!


I'm a thinker who would rather drink clean water than buy a status symbol from green-spin hucksters in Washington that equals nothing more than a handful of magic beans.

**dismounts soapbox, turns off bullhorn**