Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Seasons As Seen By A Gardener

I don't have much to report for the moment, but I thought I'd share this funny and dead on quote from a fellow gardener:

"Spring: A mischievous sprite, a warm breeze that moved housebound gardeners out of doors to happily waste themselves, despite whatever mercurial weather tested their commitments. Summer: A Rubenesque goddess who swelled the garden with far more bounty than anyone could tend, let alone eat, even with the help of rabbits and bugs. Fall: A scolding harpy who recited gardeners' failures to them as they picked their way through weeds and sprawling vines to glean tomatoes and squash before the apocalypse of frost. Winter: A wraith who hovered over what was once the garden, whispering, "Gone, gone....Return to your VCR and supermarket vegetables."
-Barbara Damrosch

None but a bona fide gardener could come up with these impossibly accurate descriptions of the four seasons, especially fall.

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