Thursday, October 9, 2008

Staycation Time

We're going to our nearby parcel of farmland, situated just a stone's throw from the Appalachian Trail. We'll be there for several days, hanging out and mulling the possibilities for building our dream home there. I'll be planting some daffodil bulbs, which I dug out of our backyard, on the bank along the dirt road access. We have a few dayhikes scheduled on at least a couple different days. I imagine we'll see the fall colors begin to come in too, now that we've had a few nights of frost. I'm packing Euell Gibbons' Stalking the Wild Asparagus, and another wild food oriented book, so that I can poke about the environs and see what turns up.

I've made a dinner reservation for my husband's birthday at a nice restaurant near the land. I was given a gift certificate to this restaurant as a thank you gift for some volunteer work I did over the summer. (It was a case of volunteer creep, where I ended up being responsible for much more than I signed up for, and more than any volunteer should really be expected to contribute. The gift certificate is the happy result of the coordinator recognizing that.) So dinner at a nice restaurant without spending much money at all: it warms my frugal heart. I also have another something special lined up for him, but I'm going to have to discuss the details later, lest he check my blog and spoil the surprise. But I think there will be pictures featured here, eventually.

The rest of October is looking increasingly scheduled with events, daytrips, and chores, chores, chores. We got all the garlic planted yesterday, so that's one essential fall task crossed off the list. I may talk more about that when we get back. By that time the leaf raking will have begun and will probably go on for a month. The mid-winter doldrums are starting to sound pretty good!

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