Friday, May 15, 2009

Farmgirl Fare's Lemon Coconut Bread

Have I mentioned that I have a tendency to overdo things sometimes? Yesterday was too rainy to work in the garden much, though I did plant some Cherokee Trail of Tears beans. It seemed like a good day to do some baking, and Farmgirl Susan's Lemon Coconut Bread recipe has been buzzing like a bee in my bonnet.

If I was going to fire up the oven, I figured I might as well triple the recipe. That's one effect of having a chest freezer and a stocking up mentality. It's so satisfying to chuck the surplus in there, forget about it, and then uncover a goodie like this in a few months. This recipe turned out very nicely, though I tweaked it from Susan's a little bit. I substituted some cream cheese for some of the butter, because I had some that needed using up. The texture was light and just moist enough. In terms of sweetness it falls right in between a proper cake and a proper quickbread. Having some for dessert last night, I kept wanting it to be just a little sweeter. And I usually like my sweets on the less sweet side. So I could see serving this for breakfast with a straight face.

Which is what's going to happen in a moment.


Anonymous said...

I had the exact same impulse for this weekend -- to make double batches of meatballs/meatloaf, pasta sauce, muffins, quiche...and to pressure can and make bread for the first time. I sense I'm getting too ambitious. The weekends are not long enough! I envy you your open weekday schedule!

Kate said...

MSL, the open schedule is indeed a luxury I'm grateful for, believe me. The challenge is to be self-motivating enough to be productive without anyone standing over me. And then the weekends aren't really breaks, but just opportunities to get a little more done with an extra pair of hands to help out.

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hi Kate,
Your bread looks lovely! I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe. I have to admit, I ate most of mine for breakfast. Well, not just one breakfast of course. ; )