Saturday, December 19, 2009

Links of Note

I don't do roundups of stuff I come across in my online reading as often as I probably ought. But here's a collection of random stuff, some of it posted a while ago, that struck a chord with me.

We're not from around here - If you've yet to acquaint yourself with Jenna Woginrich's gorgeous writing over at Cold Antler Farm, start here. She really knocks it outta the ballpark.

The Onion is always good for a laugh whenever a cynical mood strikes. Here's why you simply must run right out and buy the new device. The old, repellent; the new must be bliss.

Rob over at One Straw is looking for input on an awesomely ambitious project of developing a permaculture hoop house design that will produce food, fuel, and other resources solely from local inputs. Go on over, check out the ideas already tossed around, and chime in with a few of your own.

Finally, this short film about the premiere Transition town in the UK, Totnes, recently lifted my spirits.

We're hunkered down for a storm that should bring us several inches of snow over the next few days. Maybe we'll get a white Christmas. Our supplies of bread and milk are laid in, and the chickens are laying very well despite the cold. I may have to make some scallion biscuits. Or a big pot of soup. Or maybe both.


ceridwen said...

..and then again...."scallion biscuits" - British terminology - I guess that means scones with spring onions in then??

Now that might be quite nice (typical British understatement here...)...hmmm....spring onion scones with cheese and maybe a bit of pickle...hmmm...

Have you got a recipe for those scones/biscuits please? - insert winsome smilie....


Kate said...

Hi, Ceridwen! Yes, I've got a recipe and I'll post it soon. And you have no idea what you've unleashed with the issue of nomenclature!

Wendy said...

I hope you weathered the storm okay. Up here it was a non-event - a few hours of light snow with very little accumulation, but I understand that it was pretty severe in other places.

karen said...

Jenna totally rocks! Thanks to Rhonda from Down to Earth I found her blog. I log into your blog, Jenna's, Rhonda's and the Co-op every day. I have learned so much in the last 6 months and am trying hard to apply what I am learning. Scallion biscuits-recipe please?!
Karen from CT

Kate said...

Wendy, we weathered it just fine. It dumped 21 inches on Philly and even more on DC, but it only sideswiped us, leaving us just 5" or so. Not that I'm complaining. Five inches is a nice amount. It was the dry powdery kind too, so easy to shovel.

Karen, thanks. The scallion biscuit recipe is included in today's post. Hope you enjoy making them.