Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yeah, We Got Those Quiche Made

While the snow fell, we dealt with eggs. So far, four dozen down, four dozen to go. I froze one dozen. Another dozen went into quiche with our own frozen kale, our garlic, and our dried smoked cherry tomatoes (rehydrated). And our good neighbor showed up last night to plow again, once the snow stopped falling. He got two dozen eggs. He's getting produce this summer too. I'll probably freeze another dozen eggs today.

My 6'2" (188 cm) husband, stepping off the path he dug to the chicken coop

This was the first proper snowstorm we've seen since moving into our home a little over three years ago. Yesterday was as quiet as a graveyard, delicious silence reigned as traffic dwindled to nearly nothing, and we heard no aircraft overhead either. There weren't even snowmobilers to mar the stillness. Don't ask me how deep it is out there. We already had about 5" on the ground before this storm blew in. This is respectable snow cover. When the snow stopped well after nightfall, all the outdoors took on an eerie, yellowish light. With white surfaces everywhere to bounce light around and around again, all was as visible as in late afternoon, but the world had an eldritch glow, very different from the blueish hue of daytime.

When the quiche were baked, cooled, and wrapped, I froze them. I have an enormous freezer right about now.

The snowbank just outside the front door. The quiche I could toss out, though I myself can't fit through the opening we can manage at the moment.


Den said...

Wow - here in rainy Montenegro those snowy pics look amazing...
Good job on dealing with those eggs!!! I've forgotten how much I love quiche, so reading about has inspired me to bake. Eggsellent (lol)!
I love lurking about your blog Kate, you do great things and write about them so well.

Wendy said...

Very jealous of the snow.

I love the way you describe the way the snow almost "glows" at night. It's that way, here, too. Usually, this time of year, we have a good snow cover, and so when I look outside at night, I can see everything. Around April, when the snow has melted, it gets really dark at night, and it always surprises me when it snows again, and it's all lit up. Funny the things we notice.

Tree Huggin Momma said...

Frozen eggs? I assume you take them out of the shell? I had 2 dozen that accidentally froze in the shell so I added them cardboard and all to my compost pile (boy were the squirels happy).
What do you do with frozen eggs. Do they freeze well?

thesimplepoppy said...

Tree Huggin Momma beat me to it, what can you do with frozen eggs? I'd love to know this as my refrigerator, no matter how much I adjust it, sometimes freezes my eggs. Great way to freeze your quiches, I've been putting leftovers in pots on the back deck too!

angela said...

when you say you froze some what do you mean?
how do you freeze eggs? I would really love to know how to do this.
enjoy the snow, It looks like lots of fun.

foto2 said...

Hello! I like your blog, thank you for sharing. About the eggs... why don't you make a delicious spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas)? As a French Canadian living in Spain I can tell you they are really good. You can find several recipes on Google, the normal one is with eggs, potatoes, onion and a little salt. Important to use a good non-stick pan.

Siegfried said...

I would like to know more about freezing eggs ;)
do they taste the same after unfreezing?

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Quiche... great use for all those eggs. I'll have to remember that if I ever have an onslaught of eggs!

Bethany said...

Love your quiche idea, and gnocchi. Do you ever make other pasta? Spaghetti and fettuccine are pretty easy and use eggs.

Kate said...

Hope those of you who were curious about freezing eggs have seen my rerun post on this subject by now.

Foto2, tortilla de patatas is a favorite of mine. Good suggestion.

Bethany, I've been thinking about making pasta, but I just can't seem to work up the motivation to do it. I don't have any good arrangement for drying fresh made pasta, and it doesn't seem worth it to make a lot if I can't store it. And making *filled* fresh pasta (which could be frozen) would be even more work. I have a lot of other things going on just at the moment. But it's a good idea nonetheless.